The Sportsmans Arms


I was a little skeptical of this pub, but Bret wanted to try it out, so we went to watch the Monday night football game (Man City vs Chelsea) and have a pint.  It is a pretty sizable pub, so we walked in fairly unnoticed and grabbed a corner seat with a good view of the game.  The crowd here is still a bit older than us, but fairly young.  There was a large crowd in the back of the bar playing cards.  The first half of the game was fairly uneventful… but some new folks arrived for the second half that spiced things up.  They clearly had some from another pub and were very interested in the game.  There was a lot of swearing, a lot of yelling at the guys who was swearing (telling him to stop swearing), and a lot of apologizing for the swearing (not from the guy who was swearing).  Apparently, I have innocent ears.  Bret and I just grinned and nodded and kept watching the game.

I would have given the Sportsman’s Arms a fairly low review for being a bit boring if we had left after the first half, but I thoroughly enjoyed the people watching (and hearing, I guess) in the second half.  I would definitely go back to this one for big games…  although I would want to get there early to get a good seat.


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