I love this pub.  Bret and I had it on our list of places to go to from our first stroll around the neighborhood of Marguerita Villas (the street we live on).  We first popped in on a rainy evening hoping that they served some food.  It was a bit intimidating because all seven or eight of the bar patrons turned around and stared at us like we were aliens.  I had a feeling maybe ladies were not super welcome, but as soon as we asked the bartender about food, they all got real friendly.  Sadly, they do not serve food, but they all had suggestion about where we might go instead.  Bret was keen to stay and have a pint anyway.  I was, however, on the verge of the hangries, so for the sake of everyone involved, I insisted we go eat some food instead (ended up with take-away fish and chips).

We finally made it back there a few weeks later…  I know it sounds like a long time, but there are sooooooo many pubs to try out (including at least 6 between our house and Moks).  Again, walking through the door was a bit intimidating, but we found a nice corner, next to the fire place where we could drink a pint of Beamish and watch some football (Man City vs Tottenham?).

The pub had an amazingly large adorable old man: Emily ratio.  Although they seemed to be rooting for Man City, they didn’t seem to be paying much attention to the game.  Just arguing a bit about bad or good calls and cheering at goals.  There were a couple of younger guys there that seemed quite a bit more interested in the game and left as soon as it was over.  Eventually, a couple of adorable old ladies joined us near the fire with half pints.

We loved this place.  It is definitely a good place to go on a rainy, cool night for a quiet pint near the fire or to watch some football in relative peace.  Although, Bret is sure it will be a zoo for any big game (like a Six Nations Rugby game).  I am sure we’ll be back.

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