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Bike trip to Cobh

We got new bikes and decided to take them out for a short spin out to Cobh (pronounced Cove, as far as I can tell).  I have never seen the movie or read anything about the Titanic, but apparently, that is where the fateful journey last saw land.  The ride started well enough, mostly on a nice bike path.  It was quite windy, but we are tough.  We took a quick ferry across the west passage and rode into town.  We visited the Titanic experience (although, we didn’t actually go into the exhibit) then grabbed a coffee to warm up in town.  Getting out of town was a little more harrowing.  The streets are very narrow and steep getting out of Cobh and they progressively got busier and busier in conjunction with the weather getting worse and worse.

It was a good starter trip.  Looking forward to many more bike adventures.  We love the new bikes.

You can see all Bret’s pics at:

before the last 3-4 miles of riding on the double-carriage way (aka- highway) in the rain.


after riding in the rain on a double-carriage way


If I thought that driving in Ireland was terrifying…  Riding a bike on the highway in the rain gave me a whole new appreciation for the safety of golf-cart sized cars.