Drone tour of Cork City

Bret found this drone tour of Cork city.

Around 6:43 there is a great shot of our neighborhood. the Marguerita Villa.


If you look hard, you may be able to see me taking my garbage to the curb.  I came inside and told Bret I had just seen a UFO flying around St. Finbarr’s Cathedral and he thought I was crazy.

Bret doesn’t endorse this behavior (nor do a bunch of the commenters).  It seems the guys who taped it may be in big trouble, so who knows how long the video will be up.


One thought on “Drone tour of Cork City

  1. Peggy

    Yikes! Drones are everywhere!! When we were media boat at Charleston Race Week a drone dropped right in front of us! I thought we were watching a South African soccer match……


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