2 thoughts on “More pictures from The Steens and the Bend Beer Chase”

  1. Emily and Bret,
    Sunny and I , with 2 friends, got lost in the Steens in few years ago (early 70’s). How is that possible since there aren’t any trees out there? We hiked down to the lake, stayed overnight and then got socked in by a storm and couldn’t see 10 feet in front of us the next day.
    We wandered around for a few hours, found the VW van, which then wouldn’t start. A memorable trip.
    I think we drank a few beers in Bend as well.

    1. There are trees on the west side of the Steens and a big desert on the east side. We camped on the east side. Sounds like you have a wonderful trip! We did see a caravan on VW buses on the east side.

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