We went to Italy and Bret turned 40!!

Mt Vesuvius

Bret had a conference in Naples, so I decided to tag along!

After a long flight, we got to Naples early on a Saturday morning. Our hotel room was not quite ready for us, so we spent the morning wandering around our neighborhood and taking in the sites.

In the afternoon, I got a quick shower in, then headed straight back to the airport. I left Bret in Naples to conference and I flew to Geneva to visit Cinda, Danny, their boys, and their new puppy Mousse! It was a quick turn around, but it was well worth it. We got out on the lake, ate well, and probably had a glass of wine or two. It was such a treat!

I got back to Naples in time for the end of Bret’s conference and HIS 40th BIRTHDAY!!! True to Bret, he wanted to keep it low key. He went to the last sessions of his conference in the morning, then we took a train out to Herculaneum, a town that was buried in the Mt Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD. We explored the town for the afternoon, then returned to Naples for a lovely dinner on the water.

The next morning, we jumped on an early ferry to Ischia to kick off the vacation part of the trip!

We were in Ischia for three days. In the mornings, we explored the nearby Aragonese Castle and some nearby towns. In the afternoons, we swam in the ocean and relaxed on the deck. We also ate well and had some great local wines.

Then we were on to Sorrento! We loved Sorrento. While we did not get to stay right on the water like we did in Ischia, we found a very nice and quiet B&B tucked into an alley in the heart of busy Sorrento. The first night, we returned to a restaurant Bret enjoyed on his previous visit to Sorrento, Trattoria da Emilia and drank my namesake rosato!

The next day we got up early and took the first ferry to Capri. We bussed to the Anacapri side of the island and took at single chairlift to the top of the mountain. The views of Naples Bay and the Amalfi Coast were pretty great.

After, we wandered around the town of Capri a bit. We saw this cool sculpture made of old bike chains. Then we headed back to Sorrento for another delicious dinner.

The next morning, we walked out to the Regina Giovanna Bath. The views of Sorrento were pretty great on the way out. Then we got to swim around in some ancient Roman ruins and have lunch out on the rocks.

The next morning, we were up early again and we took a bus to Positano. We wanted to hike the Path of the Gods from Nocelle to Bomerano , but first we had to climb 1,700 steps to get from the road to Nocelle.

We made it up the stairs and enjoyed all the amazing views along the 4-mile trail. It was a little crowded on the return hike, but we loved it.

When we made it back to Positano, we had well-deserved and amazing lunch on the waterfront followed by a swim at the public beach.

We decide to spend our last day in Italy lounging at a beach club in Sorrento. We swam around, relaxed, and ate until the afternoon, when we had to hop a train back to Naples.

We went to the one with the yellow umbrellas in the distance.

We spent one last night in Naples on the 9th floor with a view that could not be beat. We fell asleep to the sounds of fireworks and marching bands, although we could not figure out what exactly they were celebrating. It sounded super fun!

It was an amazing trip! We loved everything we did and got to come home relaxed and rejuvenated.

It’s been a while

We have had a busy winter, working on the new house, and training for and running the 25k hagg lake mud run. We did many training runs, exploring the school forest around our new house, including in the snow.

Didn’t get a lot of pictures from the mud run, but here are two the folks from the race took, and an after-race look at our shoes.

New Deck: Contractors are almost finished, just a few last touches before this outdoor phase of construction is complete. We meet with the architect this week to discuss the interior work.

We bought a new house!!!!

Uh oh! What have we done? It was built in 1966 and has some nice bones and the best views around, but needs a lot of work. First up is a new roof, deck, carport, and septic. We’ll see how much we still love it in six months. For now, we are enjoying cocktails on the deck and trying to figure out what we want to do inside! Hotel Bosco will hopefully open for business by the end of 2019, book your trip soon!

New Year 2018

For the new year we headed over to the coast to Rockaway Beach for the weekend.  When we got there on Friday it was very stormy and windy on the beach.

The rest of the weekend, however, was beautiful weather and the dogs went crazy on the beach!


We did a real nice hike on Cape Falcon

We had an amazing New Years eve dinner (thanks Ed!).  People could not stop raving about the Yorkshire pudding.

On the way home we had a real nice lunch stop at Pacific City!

Happy New Year everyone!

The Bus has arrived!

Oval has a little brother, Rhombus!


This is the three week picture of his litter.  Totally ridiculous!

Rhombus is the grouchy one third from the right.

My friend, German, was kind enough to drive to BC with me to pick up this little critter.  We had to leave Oval at home.  She was real sad she couldn’t come.

I liked his breeder, Judi, a lot.  In addition to raising a beautiful litter, she told me that when her friends asked what a Rhombus is, she explained it is kind of like a drunk square.  It was a bit of a tough time for Rhombus, though.  He had to leave his litter of 10, plus his mom and a couple aunties and drive for two days to his new home.   This was the only way he would sleep.

We were lucky enough to have an overnight pit stop in Olympia to visit Lauren and Ed and show Rhombus off a bit.  We had a beer at the Oly Taphouse to celebrate Rhombus and Lauren’s new job!!!  Rhombus had many admirers.

We made it home yesterday and Rhombus finally got to meet his new Dad and big Sister.  Oval was a little overwhelming for him at first, but she gave him lots of space and only interacted with him when he initiated it, so he quickly grew to trust her.

He likes to play and sleep.

and might look just a hair like a miniature Wayno

We are happy  to have the newest member of the Bosco Family on board!