Before and After… finally.

After more than 2 years, we are finally posting some before and after photos from the house renovation! We had great timing and finished up just before COVID hit. If you have to spend a couple years in and out of isolation, this has been a pretty great place to do it. We are really looking forward to finally getting visitors more regularly.

The kitchen is definitely our hang out spot. We took down a wall to expand the space available for it and transformed it from a dark galley kitchen to an open space. We have really loved cooking in it!


We brighten up this hallway by removing the wrought iron and putting in a half-wall and removing the wood paneling.

We removed a lot of wood paneling. In the front door entryway, we added some windows to brighten up the space as well.

Front Door Entryway

We left some of the wood paneling… This is looking the other way down the main hallway, on the right after the hallway is the entryway, then the kitchen. You can see the wall that we removed to make more space for the kitchen. The house is pretty open and a lot brighter.

main hallway looking back towards the kitchen

There was a giant bathroom that served as both the master bathroom and guest bathroom. We split it into two bathrooms.

master bathroom

The deck was what we fell in love with when we were looking at the house. The views from the deck are amazing. We look out into a valley that is all forest lands. There are some houses down below us, but when you look out you don’t see them, even at night.

finished deck
views looking out from the deck

Bret built an amazing new home for the chickies. We now have seven of them!

Next up will be a big outdoor project to fix up our patio! More to come this spring.

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  1. It was fun to see the shots before you remodeled. It was so dark and crowded looking. You two had great vision to make the changes to the house you did. It is so open and light now!

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