It’s been a while

We have had a busy winter, working on the new house, and training for and running the 25k hagg lake mud run. We did many training runs, exploring the school forest around our new house, including in the snow.

Didn’t get a lot of pictures from the mud run, but here are two the folks from the race took, and an after-race look at our shoes.

New Deck: Contractors are almost finished, just a few last touches before this outdoor phase of construction is complete. We meet with the architect this week to discuss the interior work.

9 thoughts on “It’s been a while”

    1. We need them!!! We are covered in posion oak from clearing the brush. We want to wait until we are actually living there though 🙂

  1. The picture of the sun coming through the trees looks like a spiritual retreat!
    Seeing you in all the snow reminds me of your wedding! As for the shoes, it is called the mud run!
    The deck is beautiful! And big!

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