New Year 2018

For the new year we headed over to the coast to Rockaway Beach for the weekend.  When we got there on Friday it was very stormy and windy on the beach.

The rest of the weekend, however, was beautiful weather and the dogs went crazy on the beach!


We did a real nice hike on Cape Falcon

We had an amazing New Years eve dinner (thanks Ed!).  People could not stop raving about the Yorkshire pudding.

On the way home we had a real nice lunch stop at Pacific City!

Happy New Year everyone!

The Bus has arrived!

Oval has a little brother, Rhombus!


This is the three week picture of his litter.  Totally ridiculous!

Rhombus is the grouchy one third from the right.

My friend, German, was kind enough to drive to BC with me to pick up this little critter.  We had to leave Oval at home.  She was real sad she couldn’t come.

I liked his breeder, Judi, a lot.  In addition to raising a beautiful litter, she told me that when her friends asked what a Rhombus is, she explained it is kind of like a drunk square.  It was a bit of a tough time for Rhombus, though.  He had to leave his litter of 10, plus his mom and a couple aunties and drive for two days to his new home.   This was the only way he would sleep.

We were lucky enough to have an overnight pit stop in Olympia to visit Lauren and Ed and show Rhombus off a bit.  We had a beer at the Oly Taphouse to celebrate Rhombus and Lauren’s new job!!!  Rhombus had many admirers.

We made it home yesterday and Rhombus finally got to meet his new Dad and big Sister.  Oval was a little overwhelming for him at first, but she gave him lots of space and only interacted with him when he initiated it, so he quickly grew to trust her.

He likes to play and sleep.

and might look just a hair like a miniature Wayno

We are happy  to have the newest member of the Bosco Family on board!

San Juan Islands

At the end of June we got to take an amazing trip to the San Juan islands.  We went to Lopez, Orcas, Stuart, San Juan, and Sucia islands and had a blast.  Below is a collection of pictures I took on the trip in no particular order.  It was a very relaxing trip also filled with many adventures.  Lots of great wildlife, food, company and sunsets.  A typical day included a leisurely morning on the boat and transit to the next island followed with exploring of some sort followed by a fantastic dinner.  Highlights include a tour of the mansion at Rosario, farm to table dinner at West Sound, Turn Point Lighthouse, and hiking and exploring by dinghy. Thank you Lyn and Peggy for such a wonderful trip.


Christmas Back East

For the holidays this year we went back to Rhode Island and New York.

First stop was Newport and Lyn and Peggy’s lovely home.  I took a timelapse from their backyard.

We had a great time on Christmas with the Duncan’s.  Thanks Santa for the fish eye camera lens for my phone!

Next was on to Comfort Christmas.  Sunny and Dana were great hosts and fun was had by all.

Next was Cousins dinner.  Thanks again to Drew and Cat for hosting.  What a great time (no photos).  Got to walk around Sharon and Andrews property which was quite a treat.

Sleepy Hollow to watch some high intensity family paddle and enjoyed the awesome view of the Hudson from there.

American Yacht Club where Emily spent her childhood summers.  What a cool spot!

Next was on to New York City which was so much fun exploring and eating great food!

Grand Central Station is such a cool building!

Natural History museum to get some culture!

Couple of arty shots from in the city.

A sculpture exhibit in the Garment District.

And finally a run through Central Park

Then back to Newport for New Years!  What an exhausting but very fun trip!

Sisters Backpacking

We took 6 days and 6 nights to do a backpacking trip around the three Sisters in the Three Sisters Wilderness in central Oregon.


Reese lake and South Sister


South Sister and Moraine lake.


Pole Creek fire


Unnamed lake just after the Pole Creek fire

















Mt Washington, Three Fingered Jack, and Mt Jefferson



Mt Washington


Matthieu Lake


Fantastic trip, highly recommend it!